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Mobile Sports Betting at

Mobile Sports Betting at Pay Per Head

At® Pay per Head services we are aware how the mobile betting experience is escalating on a daily basis and at a fast rate. For this reason, we are implementing this technology to all our per head services and our agents daily betting activities so these can be conducted from any mobile device.

With® Pay per Head services it does not matter the location, the hour, the sport or the type of betting action our agents or their players want to do; as long as they have a computer, tablet, smartphone, or any mobile device

We guarantee easy, fast and secure access to all sports betting accounts while ensuring the agents´ data is protected by the highest security standards.

With our platform players and online bookies can place bets, get in touch with our support team, check agents reports, check lines, game schedules, review daily events and account balances at any time and from any where.

At® Pay per Head solution we are constantly implementing new benefits to upgrade our per head services so our agents and players can truly enjoy their online actitivies from the very moment of the sign up.

We provide the best  and most professional online experience. Being part of the® per head option is a secure investment to level up your betting shop. Feel free to contact us today for more details on how you can get started within minutes!

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