Tour de France Trivia Betting Odds

Tour de France Trivia Betting Odds

  1. When was the first tour de France event?

  2. Who was the first cyclist to win the first Tour de France?

  3. Who are the four riders who won the Tour de France five times?

  4. Who was the oldest Tour de France cyclist to participate?

  5. Who is the youngest winner of the Tour de France?

  6. Who has holds the most green jerseys wins in the tour de France?

  7. When was the longest Tour de France?

  8. Who holds the record of the longest time span between titles?

  9. Who holds the most yellow jerseys wins in the Tour de France?

  10. How many titles did Lance Armstrong win?

  11. Who won the Tour de France in 1990?

  12. Who won the Tour de France for the first time (five times) in consecutive years?

  13. Who are the two riders have won the “King of the Mountains” six times?

  14. What country has the most Tour victories?

  15. When was the yellow jersey (maillot jaune) introduced?

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