NFL Trivia Quiz

NFL Trivia Quiz

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The following is a quick NFL trivia to test your skills on America´s favorite sport!!

What was Hall of Fame Running Back O.J. Simpson’s nickname?

  1.     The Flash  B. Glide  C. Sunshine  D. The Juice

Which team did Brett Favre lead to the NFC Championship game in 2009?

  1.     The Packers  B. The Jets  C. The Falcons  D. The Vikings

When the original Cleveland Browns left Ohio, what team did they become?

  1.     Jacksonville Jaguars  B. Baltimore Ravens  C. Carolina Panther  D. Houston Texans

Which is the only team to lose 4 consecutive Superbowls?

  1.     Denver Broncos  B. Minnesota Vikings  C. L.A. Rams  D. Buffalo Bills

What Jersey number did Jets legend Joe Namath wear?

  1.     13  B. 10  C. 11  D. 12

Who is the Founder of NFL Films?

  1.     Ed Sabol  B. Danny Thomas  C. Pete Rozelle  D. Tex Schramm

Who was the starting Quarterback for the Colts in Super Bowl III ?

  1.  Johnny Unitas  b. Marty Domres  c. Earl Morrall  d. Babe Parilli

What Redskin recovered Garo Yepremians botched field goal attempt for a touchdown in Super Bowl VII ?

  1. Mike Bass  b. Brig Owens  c. Chris Hanburger  d. Pat Fischer

How were the first points scored in Super Bowl IX ?

  1. Rushing Touchdown  b. Field Goal  c. Safety  d. Interception Return


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