At first, pay per head agents my not believe that what’s on television has any effect on their bottom lines. For any PPH agents that believe this, it’s a huge mistake. The main reason is because most players aren’t sharp players. They are casual bettors. Casual players prefer to wager on games that they can watch. Below is more info on how an agent can use this tendency to boost his or her bottom line.

Nationally Televised Games Can Provide 2-Way Profit

Since most players prefer to wager on games that they can watch, agents can promote nationally televised games to increase profit. Promoting nationally televised games can happen 2 different ways. First, an online bookie agent can promote a nationally televised game before the battle starts. Second, an online bookie can promote a nationally televised game while the game is being played.

Here are steps for online bookies to promote nationally televised games:

  1. Sign up for the Premier Section Agents can sign-up for the Premium Section. The Premium Section allows per head agents to check out TV Listings. Once they’ve checked out the TV Listings, per head agents can then find nationally televised games. Agents should circle those nationally televised games. They can then move to step 2.
  2. Online bookie agents promote nationally televised games Agents can promote nationally televised games in football, basketball, or baseball via email blasts or text messages.
  3. Use max betting tool to open live betting for all players The max betting tool makes it easy for agents to open live wagering for all their players at the same time.
  4. Only allow players to bet on the nationally televised game via live betting – This is a terrific way to manage live bets. By shutting off live betting on all games save for nationally televised games, online bookie agents can boost wagers on specific games.

The bottom line is that most players wager on games that they can watch. By using tools available to them, online bookie agents can push nationally televised games. It all starts by signing up for the Premium Section. If pay per head agents prefer to call, the number is 888-978-0688.