After San Antonio´s sweeping Series games against the Memphis Grizzlies many NBA fans are wondering if the once “Kings” of the NBA are back to take another title home.

It´s been 6 long years since the Spurs´last championship victory and despite the years the San Antonio team still has the same core elite force; players like Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan are ready to carry their team to a perfect season ending.



Last Monday at the FedExForum in Memphis the Spurs managed a final win over the Grizzlies. Tony Parker had the night of his life with a game-high 37 points while Duncan scored 8 points locking their team´s pass to the finals. The Spurs are now awaiting for the final outcome between the East Conference contenders Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers and prepare for the championship game.

Over the past two weeks, the NBA Conference betting action has been very exciting, lots of surprising moments and edgy predictions. Most offshore sportsbooks favorite the Spurs to win the finals at 9/4 while Miami stands at 8/15 and Indiana at 10 flat.

On the other hand, the Eastern Conference finals between the Heat and the Pacers are red-hot. Tonight’s game (Game 5) will be played in Miami at the American Airlines Arena and lots of breathtaking action is expected as Indiana has managed to own the board over the past 4 games, while the Heat shooters seem to need an extra push in order to win the Series.

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