Pay per Head service is a new alternative offered to bookmakers who don´t have the tools and space to provide their players with a bookmaking solution to place their bets, check scores, bet live on different sporting events, send online deposits or call in to wager over the phone.

This contact center online service is usually managed by a group of sports betting industry professionals who offer good quality customer and technical support, secure betting software, mobile pay per head accessibility platforms, live in-game action, and other very interesting tools to help bookmakers carry out their daily betting tasks.

It does not matter whether your online bookmaking experience has been a long one or just for a few months, as a business entrepreneur and sports betting bookmaker you understand the importance to keep a close eye on your players’ betting activities and their shifting requests.

For this reason, at® Pay per Head solution we guarantee many great advantages to our bookmakers and their players. From the moment, a bookmaker joins our service we will make sure all the data is 100% confidential, highly protected but fully accessible via mobile devices whenever the bookmaker requires to check on it.

Our strategic location in the country of Costa Rica allows us to provide strong connectivity and the best redundancy possible, as we count with top-notch infrastructure that ensures no download delays, secure website hosting, user-friendly mobile platforms and the best betting experience to all users from any location and at any time of the day.

Furthermore, these are other benefits offered by® Pay per Head

  • 80+ sports betting leagues
  • Online wagering all year round
  • Online free casino games & poker
  • Live in-game action
  • Multilingual support 24/7/35
  • Wide selection of horse betting plus support team
  • 3 set-in-advance casino profiles
  • Mobile access 24/7/365

At Pay per Head we take good care of your players and assist them all day along guaranteeing a fast and professional response to any inquiry they might have, don´t wait any longer become part of the winning team and join our service today!

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