If you’re a bookie, or thinking about getting into the gambling business, there are a lot of options available to you as you go about conducting your business. All of that choice can be great, but it also leads to not knowing where to start. You likely already know that pay per head offers you the convenience of only spending cash for your hard-earned customers, but you may wonder if you can keep them around if you’re not handling their every concern. If you do plan to take advantage of a PPH company’s services, you want to be sure that your clients can also get at least the same level of service that you can personally give to them, so they continue to work through you and not another bookie. Customer interactions need to be top-notch for this to happen; Reputation is everything and your PPH call center needs to be the epitome of customer service. So what should you expect from a quality offshore call center?

A Friendly Voice 

It’s the first thing that customers will hear, so tone is incredibly important. The person at the other end conveys a lot about their attitude with even just a simple ‘Hello.’ A smile on their face can go a long way to helping the person feel at ease about bringing up their concern or request, and it helps them want to continue to work with the people there. Those at the call center have been trained to let those on the phone feel the warmth and excitement in their voice to be serving those who call in. Your customers won’t feel like they’re just one out of a hundred calls for the day, they’ll know that the person cares about what they have to say.


You can tell when someone is merely reading off of a script, and it can be off-putting to a customer at the other end. Offshore call center employees certainly are given clear guidelines on what they can and can’t say, but they’re also there to interpret what the customer wants. Do they want to chat a little about the weather? Then the employee can certainly indulge in a little back-and-forth banter. Do they just want to make their payment and get on with their life? The employee is there to make it fast and easy for them to get whatever they need done. Even better? A truly top-tier call center will be able to answer questions and take action in multiple languages, the ultimate flexibility for your customers! This type of personalized phone call is just one more reason that BettorsNet has staked a reputation as the top PPH service in the industry.

A Team You Can Trust

Customer service agents do a lot for your business. They’ll take payments over the phone, place the actual wagers and even handle complaints and difficult questions. You’re helping your clients get the 24/7 support that you won’t be able to give them without giving up all of your time (and sleep) for your business.

Getting help where you can is the mark of a good businessman. A good PPH service will make it easier for you to do what you do best.

And getting set up with a free trial of BettorsNet has never been simpler! You can be offering your bettors premier customer service with a personalized website and your own 800-number today, but you need to act now!