As an online bookie agent, you’re always looking for an edge. It’s not enough to have basic standard bookmaking software tools. The real edge comes with premium bookie software tools. See below for 3 premium tools that every agent needs.

Why Every Agent Needs These 3 Premium Bookie Software Tools

All tools can be acquired via Bettors Net’s Premium Plan.

Line mover – In July, NFL teams head to their respective training camps. Starting in the first week of August, the NFL Preseason begins. The NFL Regular Season starts in September. What it means is that NFL spread betting will again become the biggest revenue generator for most per head sportsbooks.

Only through Bettors Net’s Premium Plan can agents access a line mover. A line mover allows you, the agent, to change betting spread lines. If you feel the Patriots are offering an overlay betting line, use the line mover to take off a half a point.

It’s always a good idea to add a half a point or take off a half a point in every spread betting line. The reason is because by doing so, per head agents prevent having to refund wagers.

Live betting limits management – Another premium software tool available is the live betting limits management tool. The tool allows agents to set betting limits on live wagers. Live betting NFL games has become incredibly popular. It’s important that agents can set live betting limits.

An add-on to this tool is extra live betting reports. The more reports available to agents, the more efficient they’ll become at live betting limits management.

Injury information tool – The injury information tool allows agents to see injury info that can help them determine when to use the line mover and when to set live betting limits. Injury information can even help agents determine if they should or shouldn’t take a wager off their boards.

All 3 premium software tools mentioned above are used in conjunction with one another. The injury information tool helps determine line moves. The extra live betting reports helps online bookie agents determine live betting limits. That’s what’s great about the Premium Plan. It doesn’t include a single tool that’s exclusively used on its own.

Right now, agents can access Bettors Nets’ premium software tools for only $3 per head. They should call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 for details.