Acquiring a professional and reliable per head service is a challenge as there are many options in the market and they offer many things.

As an online bookmaker you should look for several important aspects before making your final decision. First of all, it would be a good idea to review their website and make a list of all the services you will receive and the fees you will pay per head.

At® Price per Head services we make sure to provide our bookmakers with all the necessary tools to grow their business and deliver excellent quality customer and technical support to the sports players 24/7/365.

Besides our extensive gambling background, our group of gambling experts are available to provide additional services such as: player risk management and marketing strategies to acquire, retain and re-active betting accounts and set your betting business right on track.

On the other hand,® offers three different per head package options which are 100% customizable depending on your and your players´ needs. For example, there is the essential option which gives you the basic for you to migrate your players and get started.  Our second option is the Elite where you will have access to additional services like 3 set-in advance casino profiles and telephone support. And lastly, there is the unlimited package that provides an endless list of betting benefits for both, the bookmaker and the players.

Many per head services don´t offer the personalization of your package option and you need to adjust to what they have available. This is one of the many great advantages® Price per head offers.

Feel free to get in touch with us at® Price per Head for more details on how our services can improve your daily profits.

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