One of the big dilemmas (if you can call it that) of choosing a pay per head service isn’t only the vast, dazzling array of choices out there for you to pick from, it’s also the different choices that you must make between individual packages once you have identified a per head site that you want to look after your bookmaking business for you. Basic packages, basic plus packages, premium packages, premium-with-bells-and-whistles-attached packages, you name it. It’s like being in a supermarket and looking at one thousand different kinds of cereal, all telling you that each one has more vitamins or irons or whatever than the next one. Brain overload. It’s enough to give a man an aneurysm.

Okay, perhaps we’re being a little melodramatic here, but the fact is that today’s world is all about choice – sometimes too much choice – and that abundance can be can be a little confusing at times. It’s a valid question to ask yourself when looking over a per per head service’s website, what package would be best for you and if it’s worth paying the extra for an upgrade.

In most cases, we would suggest that yes, it is totally worth going for the upgrade. And we’re not saying that in some money grabbing way at all, but simply with the thought in mind that pay per head services are generally pretty cheap on the whole. You’re looking at anywhere between $6 to $16 per head per week for the “regular”, basic package on any given PPH website. Upgrading from “regular”/basic is normally not that much more of a huge expenditure. For example, the Professional (basic) Package with BettorsNet is $10 per head per week and the upgraded Unlimited (premium) Package is $14 per head per week. That’s a difference of just four bucks per head per week, and the difference for that money is definitely worth a lot more than $4 per head.

That extra $4 per head allows a bookmaker to to customize his entire PPH experience more, and make it look more personal, more geared to his specific way of doing things. This is evident in various ways when going for the premium package instead of the regular one. That extra $4 per head will give the premium package purchaser the ability look after and manage their own lines at any time with the live in-game betting tool that comes with it. He’ll be able to gain access to a completely personalized website, built for his specific business and supplied with his own toll free number. Other perks just for that extra $4 per head include unlimited profiles, stream reports, and various other perks.

Of course, not every bookie in the world would need all of these extras, but to be honest, for just $4 per head extra, it’s pretty hard to disagree that they are not worth the money at all. In the end it’s down to each individual bookmaker to access their own personal needs for their business and access where they’d like their business to be in the future, and then go for the package based on that. And hey – they can always upgrade down the line if they want!