Agent tells a PPH agent he switched BN because other provider didn’t have Poker

At® Price per Head services we make sure to offer an extensive variety of betting entertainment to keep your players interested and engaged.

Along with the many sports we offered at® Price per Head, we also provide poker tournaments for those players wanting to try other online games at no extra costs.

Here is a brief story of one of bookmakers who found that® was the online solution he was looking for:

“I’m Robert and I’ve been bookmaking for more than 5 years now. I have around 45 players and all of them keep active most of the year, but I’ve been wanting to offer them other things or additional services so I decided to hire a per head office.

They seemed very nice and promised me many things which a few months later I never received. Anyhow, they offered online casino as an extra for my players but I know people are very much into Poker these days, so I wanted to offer this to my players. Unfortunately, months went by and these guys were never able to get their poker tourneys going so I switched services.

A friend of mine recommend®, they have their offices in Costa Rica and have been around for a long time so I thought they could be good and they have been. From the very moment I made contact their reps were very helpful and I got set up within a couple of hours. And the best thing is they offered all kind of Poker games so now my players have other betting options and I am making more money overall.”

Robert, New York

At® our services and benefits have been developed for the total satisfaction and entertainment of the sports betting players at no extra cost.

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