Technology Advantages Part II® Pay per Head services is the leading offshore per head solution in the betting industry with more than 15 years of experience and extensive gaming background. Our group of professionals at® works around the clock to constantly develop and implement new technologies to our list of per head benefits.

Day after day we learn about of new technology advances, new software, and enhanced ways to connect with our customers faster and in a more effective way. Due to all these continuous changes at® Pay per Head we aim to provide top-notch technology 24/7/365.

Besides providing solid and secure betting environments for both the betting players and the online bookmakers, our world-class global and redundant technical infrastructure with operations based in Costa Rica is one of the best in the betting industry, and our technical support experts are highly specialized and trained.® Pay per Head resources are unlimited, the following are some of the services we provide:

  • Solid and secure connectivity
  • No download time
  • Redundant data centers
  • DDOS Protection
  • Top quality betting software
  • Customized websites
  • Mobile betting platforms
  • 800 toll free lines
  • Data protection
  • Enhanced betting activities® Pay per Head services delivers and that is a guarantee. Your sports betting players will see the difference and your business profits will multiply in the blink of an eye.

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