Pay Head Services Watchdogs – How this is useful to pay per head agents?

One of the most important obligations of an agent is to control and observe the active bettors, and having the best technological tool to watchdogs is really important. This tool intended to help the agent to monitor the logs and IPs used by the Agent’s players at specific dates and times. As well, it also helps the agents relate if the same IP is being used by more than one player as well as any kind of irregularity, containing identification fraud by players, log in times, a short-term description of the player activity and risk on gaming.

A Pay Per Head watchdog’s tool is the perfect bookmaking reference for bookies looking to take their business to the next level. The whole grading system is based on important elements the provider may or may not offer that will impact your overall business. Some of these important qualities include; confidentiality, agent and player security, years in service, serviceable software, technologies and more.

It also creates a viewable guideline to limit fraud and ensure fair play between the agent and player. As well, this tool is the most effective way to guarantee that players do not conspires and it will alerts in real-time when there is a steam player or steam play.

A good Pay per Head offshore contact center solution is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure and highest security level. In this case, the watchdog’s tool is one of highest security feature in any Pay per Head since it is easy, fast, and delivers outstanding results. Make sure to ask about this watchdog feature which needs to be available to bookmakers at any time as it will help to ensure the best of the best to your business.

The advantages are never-ending for this feature and the security that you are dealing with the best pay per head hosted solution it has to be guarantee. Shop around and compare the different options that the pay per head market has for you in this case and be sure to have the best quality and countless watchdog services of all.


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