Custom Features – Sports offerings part II

Our services at® Price per Head are the best services offered in the Pay Per head betting market at the moment.

We offer the widest selection of sports and full support on NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, MLS and European Leagues, Tennis, Golf gambling and more.

We also offer our specialized Horse Racing betting that is being taken care by our specially trained horse racing clerks. We also offer customizable horse racing profiles to maximize your profit on horse betting.

With a crew of fully trained experts on the sports book and casino betting industry, we can warranty the best service in the market. Our call center located in Costa Rica will offer you 24/7 assistance to you and your players and will warranty a top of the line treatment with a small or large package.

Our offers at the moment are very attractive, with different events and tournaments taking place at the moment, you will find full support from our experts plus the most competitive betting lines that will increase your revenue, no doubt about it.

Our agents have the option of acquiring our services on a regular basis or permanently. You will be able to select our services depending on the sport that your players prefer or the season. We are very flexible in regards to this, and the benefits will be the same.

We at® Price per Head offer the best software for both agents and players. You can be aware of your player’s movements on betting and the quantities and lines that they bet at any time, just with a login and a password you will be able to inactivate or reactivate your players, set limits, customize profiles for the different types of bets that we offer and much more.

With this software and the advice and support of our experts, we can assure you that risk management will be very accurate, preventing fraudulent moves and players and will give you the best per head service on the market.® Price per Head will assure you 100% entertainment to your customers all they long. With our different tournaments, casino and poker site we will warranty that your players will be enjoying of our services all day long.

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