Benefits of Pay per head live-betting feature

Live betting is a fairly innovative feature for the sports book betting industry. Betting on live lines brings a never before seen pleasure to the players. The sense of immediate outcomes that this type of feature provides is something truthfully attractive to the bettors.

Certainly in-game live betting brings more action and real-time oriented approach to the whole gaming aspect; allowing the player to instantly place a bet on a game or event as it advance. As well, it gives alternatives to players to bet on different betting amounts, which varied on every minute as the game progress, given this way more options for the bettors.  Frequently these bets are unlocked during halftimes, innings, or periods. At that time the player can entrée his account and place his wager during that time or at the break carry on.

At® players will have the live betting option at all times whether it is online or over the phone. Our continuous growth to provide the most modern technological features to clients allows us to guarantee total security when using this feature and top safety measures to keep the information secretly protected.

As well, we provide players access to live betting by means of their mobile or smart phone, their laptop or their tablet device; so action on the go is possible 24/7/365. This mobile platform has become a greatly required innovation in the sports betting industry and gives total protection by means of a 128-bit encryption at®.

Definitely,®  live betting option is possible thanks to the great infrastructure that we have put together in our high-tech call center solution, as well as having on board a team of experienced and bright employees, which gives room for a strong client-bookmaker relationship based on satisfaction, great customer service and loyalty.

We are proud of the path that we have traced and understand that to continue being competitive it is fundamental to keep growing and innovating.  Don’t waste any more time, contact® Pay per Head today and enjoy our live-betting gaming as well as other services!


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