® Pay Per Head offers the Best Technology Advantages® Pay per Head offshore online solution is the most professional and realiable option to sports agents. We offer top technology advantages such as: a user-friendly bookmaker software that enables the agents to access their account information at all times while generating complete reports on their players´daily and weekly betting activities.® Mobile betting platform is a new technological way to bet on sports and it has quickly become a key feature to any online betting business. This innovative feature provides remarkable benefits to online bookmakers, as it opens an additional door to generate more profits while players enjoy their betting experience.

In addition,® Pay per Head provides other services which include web hosting solutions, 100% designed for each agent individual need. We guarantee the highest security and confidentiality levels while the players are online and accessing their betting accounts from any mobile device.

These are some of the benefits our bookmakers and their players get once they join our Pay per Head solution:

  • Intelligent Messaging for customer retention
  • Mobile Account Sign up
  • 24/7/365 account access
  • High Security systems
  • Robust world wide connectivity
  • Full gaming functionality
  • Tracking systems

Our technology advantages are many and we can guarantee these top-of-the-line features will allow our bookmakers and the sports betting players to place bets, review game schedules, check account balances, check daily sporting events and much more. Join® Pay per Head services & get started today.


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