Player Management Tutorial for Master Agents

Player management is very important in the per head industry. Keep a track on what your players are doing, set limits, deposit and make adjustments on money is now possible through our player management program at® Price per Head.

You can access your player reports and have everything that you need on the same place; you can check on open bets for each of your players, set limits on all of the sports as well as the casino and poker. You can have access to all of the reports that you may need in order to have a better control of your finances and take advantage of the services that we offer to make your job easier.® Price per Head has set two systems for player management. With the ASI player management you can have the best bookie player management that you can imagine; you are able to modify your player’s settings. For example you will have options to suspend wagering in the casino as well as in the sports book.

You can add comments for the customer to see it or for the ticket writers if you want something to be handled in a certain way. You can also set a quick default wager limit that will not over write the different limits that has been set up for different sports.

DGS offers the same just that information is seen in a different way. DGS also offers the option of doing payment adjustments for the agents; you can do deposits, withdrawals, adjustments of any kind including horse adjustments.

You can also access your bookmaker pending transactions; this will show you each and every bet that your players have pending and the line they took at the time the bet was placed. This will help you to be aware of what they do at every moment and, as I said before, all in the same place.

Player management through DGS and ASI is a great option to optimize your revenue and keep a track on what the players’ do, the money they are spending and what needs to be leverage in a certain way in order to have a better track of their movements.

Our team of experts at® Price per Head can also help you and give you advice on what you need to do to avoid fraudulent movements and of course keep your players happy so that they keep on coming.

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