Player Marketing Part II

As a business developer and sports betting agent you understand that one of the most important aspects of a successful business is to keep your players happy and entertained. Nowadays, it is very hard to get new customers and when it comes to retaining them the challenges become harder.

Many Pay per Head services say they offer the best betting experience, the best customer support and the lowest prices but unfortunately many if not most do not fulfill these standards or the players’ expectations to the point that the bookmakers end up losing these clients.® Pay per Head services include professional marketing advice on customer acquisition and re-activation. Our team of gambling professionals besides providing high quality wagering and customer support, also work very hard to understand what your players look for, the type of technology they want to find and the accessibility they require to have a secure and real-time betting experience.

We at® Pay per Head services also provide different and innovative ways to help the bookmakers promote their sports betting business.

Some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Live in-game action
  • Solid connectivity
  • Sharp lines and risk management services
  • good entertainment
  • Mobile betting platform
  • High security standards
  • 80+ sports betting leagues
  • Wide selection of horse action

The technology used at® Pay per Head services is priceless and allows us to provide the best per head offshore solution in the betting industry.


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