Prepare your PPH Business for Football Season

Bookmakers have a lot of responsibilities like taking bets, tracking the daily activity, tracking wins and losses, answering their players’ phone calls, and so much more. But there is a much easier way to do all that, just by hiring the services of a professional pay per head solution to lighten your load.

Bookmakers who have not moved their bookie operations to a pay per head service, will find more difficult to keep all their clients during the Football season.

Football season kick off is right around the corner and the prolonged NFL schedule require you to take action seven days a week for about five months. A good pay per head offshore bookie service will take you safely through a new football season, while allowing you to focus on expanding your business.

Full access to place bets, first-class customer support, solid connectivity, real-time betting experience, are some of the benefits acquired when moving your operation to a pay per head service such as®.

The team of specialists at® Pay per Head guarantees that our service is the number one option in offshore business process. We offer our clients an innovative mobile platform with the highest security standards, as well as the ability to bet on a wide selection of sporting events, whether it is online or over the phone.

Get ready for the 2013 NFL Season and prepare your business with® Pay per Head solution. Use BettorsNet knowledge in the betting industry to help you set up an account Pay Per Head today! Get in touch with our customer support for more information.


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