Terms of Service


If, as part of a promotion/giveaway/coupon offered by BettorsNet.com you receive cash/credit, you can only use such sum to pay for our betting services. You are not entitled to pull out such sums.

BettorsNet.com reserves the right to adjust any promotions/giveaways/coupons rules or revoke promotions/giveaways/coupons at its own discretion. To be qualified for a bonus at BettorsNet.com you are only allowed one active account with us. Agents will not receive bonuses in multiple accounts.


Agents are solely accountable for password confidentiality. BettorsNet.com is not responsible for password handling by any person other than the customer to whom the password was initially issued.


The agreement between BettorsNet.com and the agent may be terminated at any time upon the request of the member as long as there is no balance. Alternatively, if deemed necessary, BettorsNet.com reserves the right to cancel the agreement between the member and BettorsNet.com.

All rules and regulations contained herein are subject to change and revision by the administration of BettorsNet.com without prior notification.