FAQs On Pay Per Head Online Software

1. Where is BettorsNet.com® located?

BettorsNet.com® hi-tech call center is located in San José, Costa Rica – the gaming hub of the Americas.

2. How long has BettorsNet.com® been in the price per head industry?

BettorsNet.com®is the original per head solution a pioneer since 1997. As the originator of price per head systems, we have trail-blazed a path in the per head industry around the world.

3. Is your operation legitimate?

Yes, it is. BettorsNet.com® is a data processing center which provides agents and bookmakers with legit services. It is each individual’s responsibility to be informed and to understand the valid laws in their specific jurisdiction.

4. Why should I choose BettorsNet.com®?

Our services are supported not only by our extensive experience in the market, but by constant improvement, competitive pricing, high-end deliverability, first-class customer service, responsive technical support, and an innovative call center served by the most redundant and fiber optic network backed up by a sophisticated technology center sited on Kahnawake tribal land.

5. How do I know that my information will be safe with your company?

Dealing with BettorsNet.com® means dealing with our reputation of being the originator of the per head services. We are a solution with a solid foundation based on security, trust and complete privacy that has never been surpassed by any other per head company.

6. Why should I switch to your services?

BettorsNet.com® is the price per head service provider that has developed unparalleled betting software, displays the most dynamic sports betting offerings and hosts the most protected agent solutions in the online industry.

7. How much do I have to invest to get started?

Our competitive pricing policy allows us to offer a varied set of packages starting as low as $5 per head, per week; with the option of upgrading to a more feature-rich package at any time.

8. Why is it better to use a Pay per Head like BettorsNet.com than running business on my own?

BettorsNet.com offers your clients a 24/7 toll free number, their own website and software where agents can wager online on all major sporting events and horse racing. As well your clients will have casino and poker options, plus the customer service of professional staff that will not only give you the best provision, but will answer questions and take their action in different languages if needed, all this for a low pay per head fee. Join BettorsNet.com will definitely step up your game and gives you the tools to stand up and grow your business.

9. Do you allow sports advisors to see weekly handles without calling you?

Yes, they can see their daily, weekly, monthly or yearly handle anytime they needed. Our reporting system runs sports advisor secure reports daily.

10. Do you offer bookies a way of changing their betting lines if needed?

At BettorsNet.com® Price per Head services we provide our online bookmakers with the ability to manage and monitor their own betting lines at all times. This is a premium feature on our services. The bookmakers can access and make changes to their accounts at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

11. What are the benefits of having a mobile platform and what services are offer to the agent?

The benefit is that users will never feel restricted to a specific place to take care of their business since now essentially all type of transactions can be taken care of while on the move. The use of mobile technology also allows customers to communicate in a faster manner, check the availability of a good or service in real time and have working flexibility 24/7 from almost everywhere. Speed, in general, is another benefit presented by mobile technology.

Some of the services offered are non-stop access to all sports, as well as horses, poker tournaments and virtual casino games.

12. What benefits does bet ticker gives bookmakers?

We offer our agents a real time Live Betting Ticker. This feature has many benefits for the bookies as it allows them to watch over all of their players’ wagers in real time. As well it allows bookies to color code specific plays and includes an alert, to caution them that a specific player has placed a bet. This is definitely a great tool for the bookie business growth.

13. What type of international agents does BettorsNet.com offer?

BettorsNet.com® Price per Head also offers highly trained customer support clerks not just in English, but also in Spanish and other Asian languages for the online bookmaker convenience.

We understand how important it is to communicate with your players in their own languages and be able to serve them better. At BettorsNet.com® we help you achieve that and much more; our customer support staff is highly trained and is available to you 24/7/365.

14. Are Casino and Poker tournaments an extra cost service at BettorsNet.com?

No. BettorsNet.com® Price per Head daily poker tournaments and virtual casino games are a very important part of our per head services and doesn’t have an extra cost. We make sure your betting players receive all the entertainment and quality customer support all year round.


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