How is the pph service?

A Price per Head Company or a sports betting provider is a company that will provide their services to bookies, to try to make their job easier with tools and the best team of experts and great benefits and to maintain your players happy and entertained with a great variety of features that can assure the best sports betting experience.® Price per head will be the best option in the per head industry. With different types of packages and a great variety of features and benefits we can assure you that your experience in the pph SB industry will be the best. The quality on the services that we provide is offered thinking to maintain long lasting relationships with agents and players and to become your trusted service advisor in the market.

We offer features as our two betting software platforms, ASI and DGS are the best software platforms offered in the industry. The features that they have will make your job easier; you will be able to pull up reports of any kind like weekly figures, deposit/withdraw reports, lines and odds and reports on every single bet that your players make plus the profitability on each of the wagers. You will be able to change or set limits to your players and set different profiles depending on what they wager on.

Parlays and Teasers have different profiles and limits that you can set up depending on the player. Our team of experts will be able to guide you on this; our main goal will be to keep your business growing with a reliable wagering support.

Another benefit is that our online and call center pay per head services are non-stop 24/7 365 days, with highly qualified sports betting clerks. Our line managers are also available any moment and will be working to have the best sports betting lines in the industry for each and every tournament and event in the sports market.

Our mobile betting access is the best feature that® Price per head offers at no extra cost on each of our Pay per Head packages. Agents and players will be able to access our system from any mobile device from anywhere they are at any time; they will be able to check on odds and place orders whenever they want to.® Price per head is with no doubt the best option in the industry; do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our packages and services!


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