What is Price per Head?

The price per head concept goes back to the late nineties when bookmakers realized that instead of spending time and money on resources to serve their clients that it was a better idea to partner with an established company that already had all the necessary facilities available.

These price per head companies used to get a commission or half of the profits bookmakers made from each client on a weekly basis. However, the big demand of this business has changed the rules of the game and now bookmakers have the possibility to develop their own business by paying a flat fee per head, per week to the offshore companies. Bookmakers just need to move their packages to these companies and by means of a ready to use account their clients can access their history, pending transactions, and multiple betting options anytime, anywhere.

These offshore price per head companies provide a wide variety of horse racing and sports betting options and complement them with Vegas casino games and poker tournaments all year round. The per head services not only cover sporting events, they also offer customer service and technical support to bookmakers and their clients; perks that the bookie alone could not provide.

A call center located in a time zone with no more than two hours difference from clients’ location, the best wagering and horses specialists, leading edge software and security systems and many more advantages benefit amateur and professional bookmakers. They now have the chance to invest their time and efforts in growing and marketing their business while making money at the same time.

Why Price per Head?

Joining a price per head shop translates into many advantages for the bookmakers. There is no need to buy expensive equipment, to pay rent and phone lines or to pay for third party services to take care of the technical requirements that the business demands.

Bookies stop worrying about getting new players and taking care of their figures, wagers, client’s history and pending transactions all at the same time and by themselves. On the contrary, one of the most valuable benefits that a price per head company gives is taking care of all player’s activity 24/7/365; while providing unlimited access to clients to sporting events, horse racing betting, Vegas-style casino games, and poker tournaments all day long for full entertainment.

The advantages do not stop there! Joining a price per head service will allow the bookmaker to increase his profit by only paying a monthly flat fee per head, per week without having to split the winnings with anyone.

Players also enjoy extended benefits and non-stop services that they will receive from this modality. They will continue working under the same original conditions and with their chosen bookmaker. Accounts will be accessed from everywhere with 100% guarantee that the information will be anonymous and protected at all times.

Where can Price per Head services be found?

Price per head services are offered worldwide via internet. Many companies advertise and offer the best advantages at the lowest prices. Competition in this area is fierce! However, not all of these companies can really keep their promises. A leading pay per head must demonstrate a solid foundation, and show years of experience that guarantee the best services and top-notch technology in the market.

BettorsNet.com® is a price per head solution that has been in the market for more than 15 years and that is a reputable and reliable per head service provider thanks to our ironclad security levels and newest mobile software. Our reputation precedes us after taking care of thousands of players and bookmakers looking for stability, sports variety and innovative offerings. Our strategic location in the gaming hub of the world presents no time zone limitations and we have the best and most knowledgeable employees in the industry.

When should Price per Head services be used?

When a bookmaker who has been in the business for years feels that his shop is not generating enough profit or when a recreational bookie decides that it is time to make his hobby a real source of income; then it is a great idea to opt for our per head services immediately.

Enjoy BettorsNet.com® variety of events and benefits:

  • 80+ sports leagues
  • 70+ racetracks
  • daily poker tournaments
  • virtual casino games
  • Also benefit from a wide range of hi-tech features such as a sophisticated technology.

BettorsNet.com® assures 24/7/365 wagering availability; that is no downtime ever! Its state-of-the-art call center is served by the most redundant fiber optic network in the world and the security in our mobile access guarantees clients to be protected with the highest security standards.

Check out BettorsNet.com® pay per head plans and constant innovations and discover that the services we offer are beyond comparison. Your business demands it, and we provide it!

Who does Price per Head work for?

Price per head services have been designed to cover all betting, customer service and technical support needs under the same umbrella. Bookmakers, on the other hand, have been working in their shops or sharing their profits with sportsbooks for many seasons. The idea is that BettorsNet.com® price per head model benefits these two segments of the market and exceeds their bookmaking expectations.

We take care of your clients for a reasonable fee starting at $5.00 per head, per week and with the option of upgrading to the other packages available. Not only you will stop taking all the action and controlling your client’s movements; but also, you will be part of a money-making business which will also allow you spare time to improve it or to take care of other business matters.

Joining BettorsNet.com® price per head services guarantees the best wagering experience to your clients with the maximum levels of entertainment and gives bookmakers the peace of mind of having a controlled business under one single agent account.

Try BettorsNet.com® free price per head trial for a week and start taking advantage of all the benefits that the price per head originator provides all year round!


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