BN Pay Per Head Lines Manager

At the pay per head industry is very important to give the agents the security that they can trust the company that they are paying to provide their services. To give that security to the agents will then end on a long term relationships were both parts are seeking for benefits and this can be given by a team of advisors called the “stage”.

Most of the agents are looking for that service that will make the difference between your company and the rest.® Price per Head will provide that service that you, as an agent are looking for and that many companies in the per head industry do not offer.

Having an odds-maker or creator is almost an advisor on lines an props your players will be looking to bet at. Our team of experts at® Price per Head is one of the best team of the stage in the market with highly trained and qualified odd-makers that will make your job easier and will satisfy all your needs.

To have a stage team and lines manager is vital in the betting industry, some companies will only look at Don Best to create the lines and odds, but the success on this business is to have somebody that knows what they are doing and can select good lines or props for the different sports that we offer, and that can become an agent’s best friend simplifying their job and giving advice on what would be a good decision when it comes to lines and profiles for different players.® Price per Head not only offers knowledgeable line managers on major sports, we also offer this service for horse racing. We have all kind of odds for the major horse racing events and we promise that our stage team will fully manage horse racing wagering since they have a lot of experience on this.

To create horse betting lines or odds is not simple, but our team of experts will always make it simple for our agents. We offer fully customized profiles and our team can suggest you which one to use depending on the player.

The platforms that we use for this service is incredibly secure, in addition our stage team is there to prevent or check on any fraudulent activity they may detect ahead of time and stop it before anything else happens.

If you are interested on getting our service and a great team of line managers do not hesitate to contact® Price per Head for more details.


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