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Baseball is on the middle of the regular season, but with a lot of rumors and events that happened this past weekend and that we will recap. Games are going as normal and we will give you the highlights of the latest events of the MLB season with interesting facts and baseball news to keep you posted on what’s happening.

We will also have some MLB Q&A that will be answered with the following rumors, news and predictions.
Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod has been finally cleared by the New York Yankees to start rehab. He is recovering from a hip surgery he was submitted to back in January this year and has been feeling pretty well. He has started practicing at the team’s spring training complex in Florida.

The Yankees have been taking care of his super star player, they have stated that want Rodriguez to come back as a productive player, and feel that rehab is a step in a good direction for full recovery. The team is desperately waiting for his return and full recovery since he’s better than any other third baseman in the team right now and his replacements have been struggling to do a good job, but failed.

On the other hand the Chicago Cubs are closing a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers to trade Carlos Marmol. He signed a three year $21 million contract with the Cubs that is about to come to an end. The Cubs still owe Marmol a little over $5 million for his last year of the contract and rumors say that the Dodgers can absorb a portion of what it’s owed to him.

Marmol can become free agent after this last season with the Cubs, which is the only major team that he has played for; he has been struggling the last three seasons, he struck out 32 and walked 21 in 27 2/3 innings this season. He had 10 blown saves with a 4.01 ERA in 2011 and has lost his closer role several times.

For game results the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Detroit Tigers with a final score of 8-3 this Monday. The Blue Jays were playing at home and delighted a crowd on the Canada Day. Toronto pitcher RA Dickey was the star of the game; he allowed two runs and six hits in seven innings, striking out four and walking one.

Dickey is trying to get back his velocity as a pitcher, as he claims it hasn’t been easy. He threw a lot at 80 miles an hour, and one 85 mile an hour fastball. All those velocities are tops for the year.

“That’s the velocity I could count on last year,” he said. “You can get away with a lot more mistakes when the velocity’s up there.”


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