The Sprint Cup Series

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series also known as the Sprint Cup Series or just the Cup Series were inaugurated in 1949 were they were ran for the first time. They were initially named the Strictly Stock Series, later on named the Grand National Series; when they leased their named right to the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company it was known as the Winston Series from 1971 to 2003; in 2003 they become the Nextel Cup Series until 2007 were Sprint acquire Nextel and then became the Sprint Cup Series.

The series champion is determined on a system of points, it was first named The Chase for the Nextel Cup, or only The Chase and consists that the ten drivers with the highest points and the teams in the first 26 races become eligible to compete in a playoff with the last 10 races and the driver with the highest amount of races win.
The Chase starts with 5000 points and will add extra 10 points to each race they win in the first 26 and the driver with the highest amount of points at the end of the 36 races wins.

The Sprint Owner Championship is part of the series, it works very similar as The Chase, but awarding points to each individual car even if an owner enters more than one car, they are viewed and scored as separate entities. At the end the driver with most points is the winner.

The Manufacturer’s Championship is also part of the Sprint Cup Series; points are scored in a 1960–1990 Formula One system, with the winner’s manufacturer scoring nine points, six for the next manufacturer, four for the manufacturer third among makes, three for the fourth, two for the fifth, and one point for the sixth positioned manufacturer.

The Daytona 500 is one of the most important races of the Sprint Cup Series, with millions of fans and viewers this race is the most prestigious race in the Sprint Cup Series.

Current champions of the Sprint Cup Series are: for the Driver’s Championship Brad Keselowski, Teams Championship is Penske Racing and Manufacturer is Chevrolet.

With the series about to begin this year, odds to win the Sprint Cup Series are now available through sports betting providers. Jimmie Johnson is favorite 2/1, followed by Kyle Busch 5/1 and Kasey Kahne 6/1. Defending champion Brad Keselowski is 12/1.

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