NFL History & Super Bowl Games – Underdogs win big

The NFL is a very unique sport and week after week leaves TV viewers, onlookers, and sports betting fans at the very edge of their seats. For over many decades there have been some NFL games that have been quoted as “the best game ever”, due to the incredible level of intensity or priceless moments.

If we take a look at some of the best Super Bowl games ever played we find the 2002 Super Bowl XXXVI. The game was played between underdog New England Patriots, a team that entered the game with a barely reliable quarterback (Brady) and a betting line very much against them (+14).

On the other hand, the people´s favorites the St. Louis Rams had one of the strongest offenses in the league. Surprisingly for many, the Patriots were just unstoppable and managed a victory over St. Louis 20-17 and a total line of 53 under.

One of the biggest underdogs of all times, the New York Jets gave a very different meaning to what a Super Bowl should be back in 1969. The Jets arrived at the Orange Bowl in Miami with all odds against them (+18) while the Colts enjoyed one of their best seasons ever, a 13-1 record and 402 scored points; a true Super Bowl winner.

The outcome would be a different one as the Jets quarterback Joe Namath and running back Matt Snell led their team to a well-deserved victory 16 -7 and a final wagering line on the total of 40, under.

Furthermore, there are other very interesting historical game reviews. Back in 1934 the Chicago Bears played underdogs New York Giants at the Polo Grounds in New York.

Despite the cruelest weather conditions, the Giants managed to score 27 points during the fourth quarter denying the Bears their 3rd consecutive championship victory.

On December 31st, 1988 the divisional playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears became one of the most talked about games, due to a thick fog and almost zero visibility.

The NFL wagering lines moved up and down with every snap because of the adverse weather conditions. At the end, the Bears were able to pull the game to their favorite for a final score of 20-12.

In 2004 the NFC divisional playoff game played by the Packers (-20) and the Eagles (- 34) became pure breathtaking NFL action, as Brett Favre and Donovan McNabb did not give in and fought hard until the very last second of the final quarter.

During this game the betting lines were quite tight especially because it went to overtime. Philadelphia overcame the Green Bay Packers 20 -17 and locked a place in the NFC championship final.

And let’s not forget about the so talked about “Super Bowl 8 1/2” that took place on December 21st, 1974. The AFC Divisional Playoff game played between Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders, one of the strongest rivalries in the NFL history.

The Dolphins as the favorites were defending their Super Bowl title for the second time and had a previous season record of 43-5. On the other hand, the Raiders had a record of 32-11 as clear underdogs. Despite all the efforts made by the Dolphins, Oakland came out victorious and advanced to the final.® Pay per Head services we provide the best and most extensive sporting offering on major events including all the pre-season and regular NFL season. Make sure to get in touch with us for more details on how to get your per head account setup.


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