Will Los Angles have an NFL Football franchise soon?

After a long history that the NFL have had with the city of Los Angeles, still is not certain if Los Angeles will or will not have an NFL franchise soon. The NFL announced that no team will move to that city for the 2013 season and the plans of building a new stadium are still not very clear since last year, supposedly everything was approved to build a new stadium but not any move has been done to start the process.

Los Angeles is the second largest most important place in the United States to do business and is the largest that doesn’t have an NFL franchise in the market. Since the Los Angeles Raiders left in 1995, it has been a though ride for the city to get a franchise back even though the benefits will be many.

The story of the NFL in Los Angeles goes back to 1926 when they had the Los Angeles Buccaneers. But then the Buccaneers were left without and stadium when the Los Angeles Coliseum Commission banned pro teams from its stadium. This began a problem for the franchise since they were a road team most of the time.

Football wagering then had a turnaround for NFL betting players and Los Angeles fans. Not to host a game and to bet NFL lines without having the favorite at home was not easy to process; then the teams ended up moving to a city where they do had a stadium to play at as a home team.

Los Angeles had several franchises after that but all of them were moved to another city or state mainly because of the stadium. A project for a new stadium started a few years ago when in 1999 the NFL approved a franchise for Los Angeles but the only condition that the city and the NFL will have to agree on a stadium site. An agreement was never reached and the franchise was moved to Houston when the Texans were then formed.

The latest news for a new stadium to be built was in 2012 when a meeting was reported and the LA City Council approved a proposal to build Farmers Field, the stadium will be located in Downtown Los Angeles on a complex.

Los Angeles hosts some other major sports franchises that do have stadium, a case like the Dodgers in MLB or the Lakers in NBA or the Kings in NHL. Los Angeles is a great market to have a franchise, will they an NFL franchise soon? We don’t know yet.

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