NFL Latest Rumors and News

With the NFL about to start there are a lot of rumors, predictions and news about events and successes that are going on right now. NFL season is a very expected season for the major part of the US, is the most popular sport and people can’t wait for it to begin, players with injuries and scandals are also part of the season. We have the major highlights on what’s going on right now.

The fullback for the Washington Redskins Eric Kettani received not very nice mail since he took some time out from his duties as an officer in the Navy Reserve to pursue his dream in the NFL. Kettani has an agreement with the Navy where he is being allowed to work in public affairs for seven years in the reserves while he tries to make it to an NFL roaster.

He spent last season with the Washington training squad after being released by the New England Patriots. And as a football prediction, he is now looking for a spot on the active roster for the Washington Redskins.

On some other NFL news, the Oakland Raiders are still paying money to JaMarcus Russell, they reported on Tuesday. The raiders are still paying Russell nearly $3 million to end a dispute for his rookie contract.

He signed a six year contract with the Oakland Raiders back in 2007 for $68 million after being selected in the 2007 draft. He was released in 2010 and was paid $36.4 million while he played with the Raiders but still owed him $3 million. Russell had three not good at all seasons that forced the Raiders to release him back in 2010.

Oakland filed a grievance against Russell seeking to recover $9.55 million in salary advances, but the quarterback answered back with a grievance of his own, saying he was still owed $9 million. He is now trying to sign with the Chicago Bears, but he is still found inconsistent in the practices and hasn’t been offered or signed any contracts yet.

In the case against New England’s tight end Aaron Hernandez, the police have found some more evidence that could be key in the charges for murder against him. The police say that they found an apartment that belong to Carlos Ortiz a friend of Hernandez and who was with the ex-player the night were supposedly they arrange the shooting against Odin Lloyd. Additionally they found a sweat shirt at Hernandez apartment that it looks like the one Hernandez was wearing the night that Lloyd was killed.

Lloyd’s body was found near Hernandez house in an industrial park in North Attleborough, Massachusetts. Police say Hernandez, Ortiz and another person took Lloyd there that night, though they haven’t said who shot Lloyd.

Hernandez has rejected the charges and is willing to clean his name meanwhile he will be kept in jail. We will have to see what happens in this case.

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