Re-purpose opinions and predictions of Tim Tebows trade to the Patriots

After a lot of rumors the trade of Tim Tebows to the New England Patriots was confirmed by the team. After denying the trade in many occasions the Patriots finally signed the quarterback on what they call a low-money deal for two years, which means that the player doesn’t have an amount of money guaranteed by the Patriots.

Rumors were saying that head coach Bill Belichick was stating that there were no chances that the Patriots will sign the Jets player, that he dislike him as a player, but he dismissed that stating that the reports of him saying that were completely untrue. Belichick then stated that he admires Tebow and his versatility intelligence and character.

Tebow was dismissed in late April by the New York Jets after he had a disappointing season as a backup for quarterback Mark Sanchez. He was not able to have a consistent role in the offense of the team with only attempting eight passes, rushed for 102 yards on 32 carries and was used mostly to protect the punter.

Even though the Jets had their hopes set on the quarterback as they did trade him with a couple of draft picks to the Denver Broncos who traded him after acquiring Peyton Manning; things didn’t work out as they expected and he was released at the end. His NFL career seemed to be over as he was not getting any offers and the Jets were not able to trade him at the draft time.

The New England Patriots also announced on Monday that they will release quarterback Mike Kafka, so possibility that Tebow will play as a backup quarterback after Tom Brady along with Ryan Mallet, actually he will have to fight and earn that position, is very high even though they have been studying the idea of having him as a tight end.
The pay per head industry will not have that much interest in Tim Tebow, but if he manages to have a good season anything can change.

The 25 year old Florida player that won the Heisman trophy back in 2007 seemed to have no use for the league at this time and has been much criticized after a disastrous season with the Jets, even though he helped lead the Broncos to the AFC West title in 2011 and a playoff victory against the Steelers, the quarterback doesn’t looks to have enough talent for any other team in the NFL. Tim Tebow betting odds look very low at this point.

The Patriots have given him a chance this season; let’s see how it goes for him.

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