Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva is a Brazilian fighter for mixed martial arts. He was born in April 14th 1975. He is the current UFL middleweight champion. Anderson was born from a poor family in Brazil and spent most of his childhood with his aunt and uncle in Curitiba.

Silva started training jiu-jitsu with the kids on his hometown since he was not able to afford to pay for lessons. He then explained that jiu-jitsu was considered and very popular sport in Brazil when he started practicing it. When he was twelve his family was able to pay for Tae Kwon Do lessons then he switched to Capoeira, before finally settling on Muay Thai when he was sixteen.

He is known primarily for his knowledge of Muay Thai striking but Silva is also a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, a rank he earned in 2006 from Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira who follows the Gracie Lineage through Carlson Gracie, like Murilo Bustamante and the Brazilian Top Team. He earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do when he was 18. He is also black belt in Judo and yellow in Capoeira; he is also a professional boxer.

Silva made his professional debut in 1997 with a pair of victories and his first loss was in 2000 to Luiz Azeredo. After that fight, he went on a nine-fight winning streak. After winning his first match in Japan, he was put up against Shooto champion Hayato Sakurai on August 26, 2001. Silva beat Sakurai by unanimous decision and became the new Shooto Middleweight Champion.

Silva joined the UFC in 2006 when he signed a multi-fight contract; the UFC started promoting the fighter and his debut was in Ultimate Fight Night 5 against Chris Leben who was undefeated for five consecutive fights but was knocked out by Silva even though Leben stated that he will win the fight for sure.

The UFC then asked their fans through their website, who they wanted Silva to fight against. In response the fans stated that they wanted to see the Brazilian fight against the UFC middleweight champion Rich Franklin. Silva fought against Franklin at UFC 64 in October 2006 and was able to defeat him. Silva was crowned middleweight champion and was the second fighter to defeat Franklin after Lyoto Machida.

He is still the current middleweight champion, and has fought many fights defeating every single one of them. He is expected to fight against Chris Weidman at the UFC 162 on July 6. UFC Anderson Silva odds to win that fight are 1/3 to bet Anderson Silva please contact your favorite sports betting supplier.
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