Georges St-Pierre profile and predictions for next fight UFC 167

Georges St-Pierre was born on May 19, 1981 in Saint-Isidore, Quebec.  St Pierre is currently the Welterweight Champion of the UFC with some great success. The 32 year old professional fighter has been ranked as the #1 welterweight in the world for several years. During the season of 2008, 2009, and 2010 he was entitled as the Canadian Athlete of the Year.

St-Pierre has trained with a great number of people in a big diversity of gyms throughout his fighting career. The Canadian began training with Rashad Evans, Nathan Marquardt, Keith Jardine, and other experienced MMA at New Mexico.

St-Pierre made his first UFC entrance at UFC 46, where he defeated Karo Parisyan. Subsequently his second victory in the UFC, he faced Matt Hughes at UFC 50 for a place on the UFC Welterweight Championship. Despite a competitive performance against the experienced fighter, St-Pierre loses the fight.

Moreover at UFC 58, St-Pierre defeated former UFC welterweight champion B.J. Penn to become the No. 1 contender for the UFC welterweight title. St-Pierre won the match by split decision and was set for a rematch against Matt Hughes at UFC 63. St-Pierre was forced to withdraw from the match, due to a groin injury.
Despite George’s injury St-Pierre had some great success in the following fights. During his career the Canadian have won 24 fights and have lost 2.

For the season on 2011, St-Pierre had an ACL injury to his right knee forcing him out of the UFC for ten months.

St-Pierre was set to return and fight Condit for the undisputed championship on November 17, 2012 at UFC 154. St-Pierre once again successfully defended his welterweight title against Condit, winning by unanimous decision.

At UFC 158, Georges St-Pierre defended his title again by beating Nick Diaz as well by unanimous decision.

Now it looks like Georges St-Pierre will defend his UFC welterweight title once again on Nov. 16, 2013 in Las Vegas against Johnny Hendricks. The 32-year-old from Montreal has defended his 170-pound mixed martial arts championship many times.

The November fight is expected to be UFC 167 and could serve as one of the greatest fight for this 2013 season. The odds for this fight have George St-Pierre as favorite with -265 and Hendricks as underdog with +185.


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