Weekend recap of all major sporting events

This past weekend was full of action and emotions with so many things going on; the NBA is in the final round of the playoffs as they are playing each of the conference finals; NHL is also having playoffs looking for the conference semifinals which are very interesting.

The San Antonio Spurs won game number one at home as they defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 83-105. Memphis was confident that they will be able to take the lead and the momentum that the Spurs were coming from. San Antonio had kind of an easy game against Memphis as they didn’t have any trouble putting plays together and showing that they have so many players that are very talented. Tony Parker scored 20 points and finished as the MVP of the game.

NBA betting odds had San Antonio favorite -41/2 and they easily cover the point spread.

Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers will take the lead this week on the Eastern Conference final as they will play game 1 on Wednesday. The Pacers are coming from defeating the New York Knicks on a very close match and the Heat defeated Chicago on an easy victory for a spot on the conference finals.

The Indiana Pacers were looking favorite since they were playing at home; playoff odds for the conference finals are now having Miami as the favorite -81/2, and the props for over-under as 1821/2.

For NHL we had a lot of action going on; the New York Rangers were defeated by the Boston Bruins on game 2 and are trying to see how to fix a 2-0 on the conference semifinals. New York ended losing the game 5-2 and gave the reason to the sports betting odds that had as a favorite Boston -126.

Los Angeles is also leading the series against San Jose, as they defeated them 2-1. San Jose was favorite -126 and took back all of what was predicted.

Pittsburgh against Ottawa was another story. Pittsburgh is leading the series after defeating Ottawa 2-1 as predicted. The Penguins took the lead on the series 2-1 and is looking for a spot on the conference finals.

The Detroit Redwings are also looking for a spot on the conference finals as they are leading the series 2-1 after defeating the Chicago Blackhawks 3-1. Chicago did what they could but was not enough. Detroit was the underdog today as they were facing the Blackhawks at home. Chicago was -136 on the NHL sports betting odds.


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