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The kick off game is one of the most important games of the NFL season. It will mark the beginning of the National Football league regular season. The opening of the football season it’s marked by this one game followed up by a concert and some other ceremonies and festivities. This first game of the regular season is scheduled for the Thursday following Labor Day. The remaining of the football teams plays their initial game on the weekend, the following Sunday and Monday.

This tradition or, kick off game, as it is called was introduced for the first time in 2002. This idea was conceived by the NFL marketing Vice President John Collins and the NFL Senior Vice President of Major Events Jim Steeg to help the New York and Washington areas to recover the damaged economy after the 9/11 events. This was a huge success, and then was consider a tradition for every opening of a football season.

The kick off game is always being played by the defending Super Bowl Champion; the defending champions have won most of the initial games except for the New York Giants who lost their initial game in 2002, the first year that this game was played.

One of the most watched games was the Minnesota Vikings against the New Orleans Saints in 2010. It has been one of the most interesting and non-profitable games in the football betting industry. The Saints won over the Vikings, and accomplished what was predicted since the beginning. The Saints were the favorites at that time by 4.5 points. The game finished 9-14 giving enough room for those NFL bets to cover.

In the 2011 opening game the New Orleans Saints were back making them the first team to play 2 kick off games on a row; they were playing against the defending champion at that time, the Green Bay Packers but this time the result was different. Green Bay defeated New Orleans 34-42, Green Bay was favorite on the football betting odds by 4 points which at the end they covered as well.

This year the opening game is tentatively being held on Thursday September 5th. It was supposed to be hosted by the defending Super Bowl champion, the Baltimore Ravens but due to some scheduling conflicts with the Baltimore Orioles they will be forced to open the season on the road against the Denver Broncos with a rematch of a 2012 divisional round playoff game.


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