Custom Features – Teaser Cards® Price per Head offers a unique opportunity to easily grow your betting shop by acquiring more active players and better earnings.

Our offshore per head solution provides unending benefits that our agents and their players will enjoy at no extra charge.

  • 80+ sports betting leagues
  • Sharp lines
  • Virtual wagering all year round
  • Live in-game action
  • Mobile platforms available 24/7/365
  • Personalized websites + 800 phone lines
  • Online and phone support
  • Wide selection of horse betting plus support team
  • 3 set-in-advance casino profiles

Additionally,® is the only per head that provides daily and weekly Teaser Cards that will enhance our bookmakers´ hold and earnings

Our offshore offices are secure, sophisticated and have the best available technology to guarantee our agents they will never be offline or miss a game. All sports betting players will be provided with outstanding and fast service provided by highly trained staff.


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