Our Price Per Head Software Reviewed

“For a couple of years I handled my business from my office ’cause it was small and my clients were my friends. But when I decided to dedicate my time to it completely, I realized that I needed help since my list of players was growing pretty fast. After some online research and many phone calls, I tried BettorsNet.com® free trial and decided to work with them based on their experience and great support on the phone. My players are happy ’cause now they can call 24/7 and check their bets and pending transactions from their cell phones or from their laptops. BettorsNet.com® has made my life easier, and now I am growing my shop because I have more time to look for new players and to set more packages.” Simon G.

O.C. California

“After getting a lot of complaints from my players, I was forced to look for a per head service that was NOT down at least twice a day. I checked BettorsNet.com® site and saw that they guarantee no downtime at all. My players can make bets and see their history online and I can do that to and all the information is protected. I feel my business is in the hands of professionals and don’t have to worry about losing people because of bad service anymore. I recommend BettorsNet.com® because they have what it takes to keep my business moving. So far, so good.” O.W.

Shreveport, LA

“My days of answering the phone, taking bets and helping players with their claims all by myself are gone. Thank you guys at BettorsNet.com® for giving me all the services in one single account. Now I can sleep tight knowing that my business is taken care of by a company with lots of experience and advanced technology, and I just pay $5 dollars per player each week.” Tom G.

Brooklyn, NY

“I had no idea that keeping my players happy and entertained every day was so easy. Now with BettorsNet.com® I have my own phone number and site and a team behind me taking care of my players. What a great deal for a very decent weekly fee. This price per head service works for me, so it can also work for you” Dan S.

Austin, TX

“My season has been great! Now with online access players just keep going and going and for me everything is smooth. I wish I had tried BettorsNet.com® a few years ago.” Becca T.

Columbus, GA

“I started my own package this season and I wasn’t sure if looking for a per head site will work for me and my clients. I have more to offer to my players than I expected and they are excited about the new features that BettorsNet.com® gives them. It’s a win-win situation for all.” Jay

San Francisco, CA


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