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In addition to the many benefits offered by® Price per Head there is the online price per head hosting solution with the most complete software.

We at® understand how important it is to have the most complete software that will assure you a better control of your business and a more complete way to maintain your clients satisfy.
By joining any bookie can use the two platforms: the DGS and the ASI software. ® software is the most updated and user-friendly sports betting; becoming the cores of our price per head hosted solution. Both soft wares provide daily, weekly and monthly online reports so that bookmakers can keep track of players’ action, pending transactions, winnings and losses. Our soft wares also permits profiles and limits changes; all these with real time online access.

Yet, what vary one software from the other is that the DGS offers the same just that the information is seen in a different way. DGS give you the option of doing payment changes for the agents; you can also do deposits, withdrawals, adjustments of any kind including horse betting modifications, the same as the ASI just looking differently. Nonetheless, any of the two are great soft wares and very easy to use just depends on the bookie business’ needs.

Here are the different features you can experience of each software:

DGS software provides the following:

  • Weekly figures
  • Agents Positions
  • DGS Instant Action
  • Player management
  • Hold reports
  • Player summary

Whereas ASI software offers:

  • Weekly figures
  • Agent position
  • Player management
  • Set limits
  • Adjustments

Though, by experiencing the DGS and ASI soft wares, can guarantee without doubt that these soft wares are top of the line and will make any bookie develop their business on a very easy way. If you join today,® Price will give you the two options to make your business grow on a very profitable way, this as well as adding up many other benefits makes® the best option on the Price per Head industry.

You can try our hosting service solutions for free today and within hours you will realize all the motives of why this is the best Price per Head business for you and your clients.


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