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Working with us at BettorsNet.com® will give you – the bookmaker, immediate satisfaction and will in a short term increase your income. Our price per head services are directed for those business men who prefer to team up with the experts in the online gambling field.

We are a price per head solution, since 1997 that has worked hard and constantly to develop sportsbook software without comparison in this big market. We are the hosts now of the most protected and secured agent solution in the online gambling industry.

We have and continue offering the most dynamic sports betting options for football, basketball, baseball and hockey fans all over the globe. That is why our hi-tech experts have created a secure mobile platform, protected by a 128-bit encryption, so that your players can have non-stop and secure access to their action from their phones.

As the price per head originator, we understand that there are many different kinds of players’ profiles. Therefore, we give you access to a series of reports that allow you to limit or classify your players your own way according to their online gambling action.

The benefits of a price per head solution as ours are extended to your players. For example, they do not have to leave their agent or bookie if he is able to keep them busy between the major sporting events going on during the year. For that purpose, we at BettorsNet.com® also give you the option to offer Vegas-style casino games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and more. Besides, we encourage you to offer as a benefit our poker tools. There are daily poker tournaments in which your players can participate day and night for extra fun and entertainment.

Players will stay loyal to you when they see that their bookmaker takes care of them by having their own website and 800 number. There is also a team of customer service experts at your players’ disposition in case of any doubts or questions in regards to their particular accounts. If technical issues may appear, we will also take care of them without delay. Our representatives are multilingual and will take care of you 24/7/365 with no exceptions.

Finally for those players who love to bet on horses, we have a specialized horse betting department that provides the largest horse online gambling selection of the market. There are 70+ racetracks available and bookmakers can choose from 12 set-in-advance profiles depending on their needs.

Our agents have been well-trained to give the best service and keep clients satisfied 100% of the time.

Stop wasting your time with price per head companies that make you split your winnings or that charge you extremely high fees.


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