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Anyone who has ran a pay per head business without having losses in a complete season might consider himself a wagering specialist. However, being one really means to be able to identify what are the risks that exist in this particular business; before making any investment and then being able to manage those risks in favor of your investment.

A bookmaker or agent should be able to identify and analyze the factors that will be part of his future business; whether positively or negatively. Will I have enough time to take care of my own business or should I need to hire additional help? Do I have enough money to invest in an office and in the communications’ equipment to take care of my clients’ action 24/7 all year round? Do I have access to new technology to offer my clients innovation and top-notch services to be different from the rest of my competitors?

The best way to mitigate the uncertainty that may appear when you face the real needs of establishing a pay per head shop is to partner up with a specialist. A wagering specialist will not only take care of all your requirements as an agent, but also of your players necessities in order to provide a great wagering experience.

We, the wagering specialists at BettorsNet.com® have developed unparalleled sportsbook software and have made available the most dynamic sports betting offerings since our beginnings in 1997. We have a reputation of superiority, stability and honesty and are well-known for hosting the most protected pay per head agent solution in the market. Our state-of-the-art call center houses a combination of employees’ excellence in customer service and technical support, modern technology to keep players satisfied and the latest advances used in this industry together with the right infrastructure backed up by the most redundant continental fiber-optic network in the world.

All these elements together under one roof are what we call our risk management tools. Having all these resources available and continuous support are the main benefits for all the bookmakers looking for a reliable and stable wagering specialist to join.

Bookmakers now only have to worry about building up their pay per head business by using the extra time and the great benefits that working with us will give them.

The support that a wagering specialist will offer to your business will be reflected in players’ loyalty and satisfaction and in agents’ increment in revenue on a monthly basis. The additional services that you will receive from us also cover a toll free 800 number and a website so that your clients can have access 24/7/365 from everywhere. This is also possible thanks to the hi-tech mobile platform that we have developed with maximum security levels.

Joining us is the appropriate action to take given the objectives of your pay per head investment. Our risk management assessment will take your business to a successful path and risk-free. Try our services free for one week and discover why we are the original pay per head solution.


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