What’s in the bookie pay per head software?

Recently there are a lot of companies offering the Pay per Head services, but the question would be if what they offer is real? Most of the times we see that different companies offer a lot of services to agents, but the quality is very poor or your players are not happy with the service and you finish losing them. With BettorsNet.com® Price per Head this will never happen.

We work every day to improve our services and maintain our agents happy. Our services are top of the line, we can assure you that. Our customer service is the best in the industry with a qualified team of experts that will be at your service 24/7 for whatever you need as well as our call center with highly knowledgeable clerks that will be able to assist you and your players.

BettorsNet.com® Price per Head offers two software platforms that will make your job easier, and will make your business grow. DGS and ASI are the best bookie software in the industry with so many features that you will be confident on doing business with us.

Both of them are agent software that will have the capability of doing reports; this is a very important feature since maintaining your business organized will be the key for success. You can keep track on every bet that they do, and most important, you can pull up a report that will tell you how much percentage you are winning/losing from every bet that they do.

Weekly figures are also available for every pack of players, as well as a report of deposits and withdraws that will keep everything recorded. Finances are the most important thing, and with this software you can keep track of everything they do.

You can also access lines and place bets if you wish to; you will be able to select from different profiles to set limits and the different type of bets you want your players to use. Our line managers will be more than happy to assist you on any of this or if you need any advice on profiles or lines, or if you just want a certain line or limit to be set up of a certain way they will be there if you need them.

The best of all is that you can access all from anywhere you are with our mobile access feature. Our mobile access will give you the access for reporting and all features described before to make your job easier, that’s why with this and many other reasons BettorsNet.com® Price per Head is your best option, contact us know!


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