BN-Pay per Head Hosting Solution

Today a pay per head hosted solution is necessary when the bookie can’t handle properly all the activities of its business. When a bookie’s business starts to grow quicker there are things that a bookie can’t handle, like having problems taking all the calls, tracking the winnings and losses from its players, moving game lines or just resolving different issues with its players; that’s when a hosted pay per head offshore services come to rescue.® Pay per Head services is more than just a regular pay per head option. We offer the most wide-ranging offshore business solution for those bookmakers looking to grow their betting business.

We provide the most updated and user-friendly sports betting software; which is the core of our pay per head hosted solution. This software provides daily, weekly and monthly online reports so that bookmakers can keep track of players’ action, pending transactions, winnings and losses. Our software also permits profiles and limits changes; all these with real time online access.

Together with the software, the bookmaker will have a highly secure and a full customized website for your sports betting players to enjoy the best betting lines and experience. They also can easily call our customer service representatives for direction and any problem that our experts can solve rapidly.

We know that in this industry been innovative, reliable and secure is a key. That’s why at we have the most solidity and maximized security levels in our services, as well as our most state-of-the-art mobile platform with the most sophisticated technologies in the market, which assure 24/7/365 betting.

Other benefits that we at provide are listed below:

  • Fee starting at $5 per head/per week
  • Live in-game action
  • Set casino profiles and many games available
  • Daily poker tournaments
  • 80+ sport betting leagues
  • 70+ racetracks
  • Variety of horseracing
  • 128-bit encryption for mobile players

The advantages are never-ending with us. At® Pay per Head services we make sure to save our bookmakers money and time while situate you on the right track to success. Our service is easy to use, quick and very secure.

You can try our hosting service solutions for free today and within hours you will realize all the motives of why this is the Pay per Head business for you and your clients.


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