IT World Class Infrastructure

When looking for a Pay per Head service, there are many things to take into consideration before getting the service. To acquire a great company that can make your business grow and make it profitable is something very important to consider. Infrastructure is very important to make this happen, and the different benefits that come with this is also what you should make the difference between one company and other.® Price per head offers an IT world class infrastructure that will make you feel confident; you will be receiving the best service with no doubts about it. We have implemented the best platforms of services with the latest in technology to make sure that you and your players will receive the best service possible at the lowest cost.

With a great IT team located in the beautiful Costa Rica, we will make sure that our software platform and security systems are running the best way possible served by the most redundant continental fiber-optic network in the world and is backed up by a sophisticated technology center on Kahnawake that will warranty a 24/7 365 wagering service, with no down time. Your players will be completely satisfied with this.

Our system and services as we said before are 24/7 365 days, which will give you and your players the security of a system that never fails and that can be accessed at any moment from wherever you are without having any problem with our mobile betting access.

Thanks to this feature you will be able to keep track of your business on a very secure and organized way; you will be able to pull out reports for everything. Organization is the key for success and to keep track of every movement and the profitability that each of your players gives to your business is a major asset for® Price per head.

Our top of the line software and high quality security standards will give you and your players the service that you’ve been looking for. All these features will give you the confidence and the security that your business is on great hands and that it will be growing every day more if you take advantage of all of the benefits and services that® Price per head offers.


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